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In July 2000, the first Hollister ( Hollister Co.) brand stores in Ohio Easton Town Center Mall opened in the name of California Light wind surfing ( Laid -back California Surf Lifestyle ) concepts and fiction make shoppers more fascinated by brand story - Hollister ( Hollister Co.) by JM Hollister UK was founded in 1922 , Mr. SoCal one place.

Hollister ( Hollister Co.) 2006 January internationalization , successively expansion to Canada and the United Kingdom , now , Hollister ( Hollister Co.) in the world has more than 500 stores . Hollister store decorated as a typical California beach house look , the staff are all young dudes and babes , exclusively, wear flip slippers and casual wear Hollister .

From the summer of 2007 , A & F ( Abercrombie & Fitch ) spend ten million U.S. dollars , as the nation 's all Hollister ( Hollister Co.) Store in the lobby video wall built very impressive visually , 24 hour video surveillance California West coast surf Huntington Beach, in the West Bank , which is giving a feeling ! Although Hollister clothing brand A & F , with the main difference is not large , but with a different position of the brand and marketing communications , the creation and success of market segments , won a lot of 10 generations of Hong Kong youth in the country , Taiwan and other places prepared by ~ favorite of young.

Although this site is an effective way to e-commerce, but it is dependent on the goods to be dynamic Hollister Outlet Sale. After the sun after washing visuals reflect the image of Southern California style , while the multimedia content and features added to the atmosphere of the store.

The site offers a very relaxed atmosphere . Simple interface design and navigation elements at various levels have been combined with the very good . Website uses the body.

Hollister UK store with corporate clothing image as the background of the page. This has to introduce our products to get a clue. It is also an effective merchandising line . Site Sound Effects Although still relatively limited, but still reflects Hollister Outlet the California lifestyle , but also provides a necessary element of entertainment.

Site navigation is not complex, part of its usability and e-commerce functionality is very intuitive. A part of your lifestyle and actually very interactive and randomness . Visitors to the opening animation began facing two options : buy or browse the online store with the full nature .

Healthy and natural youthful vigor + = more sexy! A & F Hollister brand the young deputy line brings vibrant lifestyle of Southern California Hollister Sale for children from 15-18 years old , and strive to reflect the style of southern California surf beach , using relatively cheap A & F is more material , the corresponding Hollister prices are lower than the A & F .

Hollister ( Hollister ) sexy California for several quarters for the famous old great advertising photographer Bruce Weber (Bruce Weber ) Zhang Jing . In lens of his charm, retro screen yellowing of boys and girls in California vibrant , sexy interpretation of a different kind of grace !

Site content is divided into two parts , an online store and California clubs . The club is based in Hollister Sale Company store and shaped lounge . Users can in this " club" area of reading magazines and listening to music . Hollister Online Store very natural score in two parts : male and female , could not be easier . Visitors can find in two clicks for more details about the product and how to buy . Lounge 22 is a place in the media .