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New Primrose Series package shall be Mulberry 2013 autumn and winter series. Inspired by traditional retro package design, this soft and rounded package shall retain Mulberry's genes, but with Mulberry other bag models in stark contrast. It has a structured top handle, shoulder strap, and the postman lock Messenger Primose series has been specifically designed for innovation.
Postman lock and has a classic contrast, Primose lock with side hinges open for Mulberry's iconic accessories add a touch of novelty.
2013 Winter Primrose Series provides elegant taupe, brown or eggplant-colored deer coarse grain leather, black or bright red shiny leather, luxurious red calf fur.
Black, bright red and taupe Primrose Series on sale at each store, deer brown, eggplant-colored and luxury red calf fur sale soon.

2013 autumn and winter to autumn colors based on color, delicate, soft, neutral color with earthy colors and pale nude color; while bright colors across the entire series, revealing a powerful and confident atmosphere. Meticulous tailoring and elegant style uniforms subtle single product, Oxford, Cambridge, school uniforms are inspired and refreshing.

Recently, super multi endorsements of Cara Delevingne for Mulberry's Fall ad again displaying her British temperament. She does not make weird expression on his face was a little more delicate, thick eyebrows also seems to change the personality, supermodel gas field immediately warming. The selection at Oxford Shotover filming a hill full of eighteenth-century-style house, in order to set off the autumn series of low-profile retro extravagance. Exposure to the Brothers Grimm-style layout where, Cara Delevingne emitted from the inner exception childish tune with scene layout, the story better induce the expression of style more room for imagination.

mulberry sale In many celebrations have been held in the UK this year, senior British leather goods brand Mulberry launched a covering various well-known people and places English guide land glorious achievements of this piece. By the British government to recommend to the world and the launch of the UK called "GREAT" plan inspired, "Brilliant Britain" a book designed to tap some of Britain's unsung heroes and unspoilt location unknown characters and talents. Mulberry for this opportunity to own charming character and enduring tribute to traditional homes.
Mulberry appointed editor Henrietta Thompson will be carefully selected stunning landscapes, architecture, crafts, food, people, mulberry bag traditions and creative integration, through website to vivid rendering. Outstanding nominees from the British people, including Tim Walker, Alexandra Shulman, Alain de Bottom and Tom Parker Bowles.
The most compelling content on the site has been edited into a fine printed booklet and will be in October in the UK and Europe Mulberry shop release, followed by Asia and the United States will also be launched. In this booklet talked about part of the brand, will also be in-store display.
The program is characterized by vivid and all-inclusive, which set up a special called "Your Brilliant Britain" the area, allowing site visitors nominate their own eyes the distinguished British people and things.mulberry bag sale I hope this program through public participation, collect all submitted to the recommendation, to enrich this Brilliant Britain territory. With the widening scope of this guide, the audience more and more widely, the reader can search by region browse over the list of candidates.